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Don’t Look Back In Anger ….


Firstly, as this is the first post since before Christmas, I hope you all had a fun and enjoyable holiday period, and new year.
Now on to business, I last left off having encountered a grey period with the game, this period continued for the rest of season 5, with the odd win, and draw breaking up the monotonous pattern of defeats, in which the game felt totally different.
I’m not sure if EA changed something with the last patch but about a third of the way through season 5 the game just went tits up, matches started to feel like a chore instead of the usual joyful 10/10 experience that I was encountering up until that point.

Matches suddenly became extremely difficult, player individuality with the likes of superstar players such as Suarez waned, every pass was intercepted, attacks were breaking down due to players suddenly not being able to pass the ball 5 yards near the opposition goal, the Com felt overpowered, it was a drastic and sudden sea change within the game that vastly reduced my enjoyment, I don’t know what happened.

I pretty much stumbled through the rest of the season, picking up two new signings in January, shown below:

Player Debuits.png

Suarez left, and we recruited André Silva from Spurs for £52m and Balotelli from Madrid for £14m, a brand new front line. Silva is rated 85 and Balotelli 82, Silva’s class was apparent immediately with good speed and a good eye for a finish, his heading prowess also showed bagging a few good headed finishes from crosses.

The rest of the season Pretty much carried on in a similar fashion, lose four, draw one, lose one, win 1, lose 3 etc….
Here is the final league table:

League Table.pngA disappointing 12th place finish, only achieved with a flurry of 4 wins from the final 6 matches, missing out on the boards objective of a Europa League spot, I was 3rd and pushing for the title up until the game came crashing down around me.
A very frustrating experience all be told.

objectives summary.pngThe board informed me at the end of the season that my position was up for review, as I had missed several key targets and that results were not as what was expected, but as the season rolled over, my trust level stayed at 52, and the board informed me that they were going to give me another season to prove I could turn things around, I’m not sure what the threshold is, if its lower than 50 then you get the sack, but I just about scraped through.

Prior to starting season 6, I reviewed the OS sports sliders I have been using, and it was apparent that  the main issues  was having with the game, were linked to the biggest value changes within the OS Sliders, so wary of ‘fiddling’ too much I went through and slightly altered the slider settings to what I felt would be more realistic, keeping the values equal in each aspect for player and Com, so as not to skew the difficulty level by imposing any false handicap.

I have since started season 6, by entering the pre-season Champions trophy tournament, and making a new signing, more on that in Thursdays post, plus an update on how I’m finding the gameplay after my slider changes.

In a season of disappointment, there wasn’t much to show off in the way of goals, as mentioned previously, during the grey period every team seemed to drop back into a 10 man defence, pack their box and creating anything or shooting from outside the box was nigh on impossible, but below I finish with a small selection of goals from the latter stages of the season.


10 thoughts on “Don’t Look Back In Anger ….”

  1. Paul – the main thing is that you didn’t get relegated as you did the last time you went up. Finishing 12th is a good platform for building and establishing yourself as a team that finishes regularly in the European spots.


  2. Darryl – I would have been bang on for a title tilt or european football had the game not suddenly deteriorated literally over night.
    I went through a 13 match period having lost 111 of them, not by playing any other way than before, but the game had just changed.

    But yes,this season, season six, will be pivotal, and hopefully more enjoyable.


  3. Paul – we’ll never get them to own up to it, but the footy game devs put their product through ‘dynamic adjustment’, in their ghastly business-speak, as the year unfolds, and the ONLY voices that get listened to are you know who. The braying constituency of players who want near-as-dammit 1:1 responsiveness (i.e. little or no individuality), no fouls, ‘flowing’ action, etc. etc. It’s depressing all right. When you factor in the extra sliders factor that you have in FIFA it’s a recipe for frustration. The OS people adjust their sliders every time there’s a patch but I’m sure you know that.

    In any case it makes the long-term story more interesting when there’s a downturn. It’s my experience of even the most dismal current-era arcade-style football game (PES2016 for me, that was) that it has lots of ups to go with the downs. I predict you’ll regain your balance with FIFA19.

    And you undersold that goals clip at the end there. Some true crackers among them, and you can probably guess my favourite. Yep, the volley from the cleared corner at 0:31. Why has that not received its own milking-it video and a special post?!


  4. NG – You are right, its unconfirmed fact that this happens throughout the year.
    My main issue was that all of a sudden, every pass was being intercepted, and every team was packing the box like a Jose Mourinho defensive demonstration, made that particular slew of games some one-dimensional, whereas up to that point, FIFA 19’s biggest plus point was that every match felt different, every team felt different, and anything could happen.

    It was frustrating to go from a 10/10 experience to a 5/10 literally from 10pm one night, to 12pm the next day, that’s how sudden it all changed for me.

    I think the fact that the OS guys amend their sliders with every patch t take into account the changes during the patch, means you are constantly getting a new variation of game play, which can be a good thing, as long as your idea of how you want the game to play matches that of the people who create the slider settings.

    As for that goal from the corner, that volley was from the least likely of players, Stephan Denswil, a stocky big 31yr old CB who muscles players off the ball, I was chasing a goal so the attack level was on ‘Ultra Attacking’ with the ‘Extra Striker’ tactic enabled, so he must have came up for the corner, to see it nestle into the top corner was a big surprise.

    I didn’t milk any of those goals purely because I was in a ‘meh’ mood due to the downturn of the game at that point.


  5. Paul – hope things pick back up for you. Frustrating that first seasons were so good and now you’ve hit a bump in the road so to speak.

    Quite surprised at the relative ease of getting players or perhaps I’ve just gotten lucky. Wanted to strengthen the CB position and replace Carter-vickers (68 ovr). I was able to sign Jeremy Mathieu (at Porto I believe?) pretty easily (81 ovr). Happy that I could but I wonder if it’ll stay that easy. I’m thinking “no” but suspicious early signs.


  6. #1 – Will save the details for Thursdays post, but things have picked right back up and then some.
    Signings on FIFA can be a little too easy at times, if you have the money, then generally, you will get the player.

    Usually the clubs accept a fee if you meet the valuation, its more the negotiations with the player that can be tricky, with squad role playing a huge factor.

    I signed a new CF and a new CB pre-season, my only 2 signings, both were relatively straightforward.


  7. ah gotcha Paul. It’s not a dealbreaker for me by any means but FIFA18 felt harder for me in that regard, quite noticeably so. The game otherwise plays quite well if a bit samey – weird because FIFA18 had loads of variety and it should be in FIFA19 from my earlier dabbles in it and yours and Darryl’s accounts. I just encountered Spurs in the Carabao Cup and was all excited for it until I found them playing exactly the same as, say , Stoke. I think it’s down to me having to “de-PES” and not picking up on everything FIFA has to offer, yet.


  8. #1 – if anything then one thing that FIFA does so well is different teams playing and feeling different from
    One another with better teams standing out and Better players capable of tearing you apart.

    I saw it over the first 5 seasons and am still seeing it now.


  9. In the other game the top teams are different from the other teams in one principal way: the sheer speed of the match. Typically against Spurs the entire experience feels like it’s on fast-forward at 5x speed. So the likes of Mane and Kane and Lukaku etc. aren’t really ‘better’ than the likes of Defoe and Vardy etc. – they’re just faster, with more artificial boosting.


  10. That’s one of the biggest reasons I ditched PES NG, the generic sameness of every single match.
    Whether it was vs Burton in the EFL Championship, Spurs Away in the Prem, or Real Madrid in the Champions League, nothing felt any different.

    It was the first and foremost thing I looked for and gauged when starting FIFA, and was so pleased that every match felt different, players felt different and even portions of a single match felt different.

    As for Spurs, they are my Bogey team in FIFA 19, they rip me apart every single time, with the likes of Son and Alli tearing me apart, Kane always bagging and Eriksen running things from the AMF slot.

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