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Self explanatory title. We have dropped right down the table from 3rd to 11th, from a Champions League place, down to 5 points off making a Europa League spot, all due to an absolutely torrid session, 0 wins from 6 games, 0 goals. Awful.

It’s just all fallen apart, simple passes are going to an opponent, chances created are not being finished, our play seems bogged down in midfield, I have no explanation for it, it’s very frustrating, if it is the game trying to impose a sense of realism and crippling my abilities in order to simulate a spell of poor form, then it’s definitely working.
We shouldn’t really complain, finishing mid table was the objective, its being achieved so far with 7 games to play, but to be so close to Europe and fall away is annoying.

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On to other business, the January transfer window came and went and we signed Phil Foden from Man City, for £20 million.
Rated 81 OVR at just 21, he has a potential of 91, so was a worthwhile investment, and gives good depth to the CM position.
I also acquired Solanke from Liverpool in a straight player swap deal, with Tammy Abraham going the other way, along with a few other players leaving which actually saw the transfer window end with us making a profit, got to keep the board happy.
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Remiro (GK) and Mojica (LWB) as shown above, were both signed on pre-contract’s and will be joining in the summer.

I will officially declare, Suarez has been a disappointment. 5 goals in 31 matches, he does top the assists chart with 9, but I bought him to score goals, and he hasn’t scored enough of them.
He tends, I don’t know if its his player traits or not, to play deeper, more in the hole behind the CF line, as a false 9 if you like, which means he’s more positioned to play a through ball into the box, hence the assists, but now the range shooting has been nerfed slightly, it’s harder to get Suarez in a position to score more freely.
I may not take up the option to renew the contract come the summer.

With the Christmas break approaching, it is highly unlikely I will get any game time over Christmas and new year, due to time away and spending time with family etc so this will be the last past until after the new year.

With that being said, I wish you all a great, safe and merry Christmas and New Year.

See you soon.