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A Forest Bird Never Wants a Cage

League Table.pngAfter 18 games we currently sit 8th in the table, only 7pts off top spot. My objective for the season is to win automatic promotion, that’s a top two finish, the board expect a lot .

Playing on World class is tough, CPU teams close you down quickly, drop back and pack the defence and generally restrict space for you to play in, patience is key, if you can manage to pass sideways, backwards, trigger runs at the right time, and play the right ball, you will unlock defences, of course you need the players to make this happen.

Results have picked up in the last 5 games, with 2 wins, 2 draws and a defeat, Villa are up next and is already a 6 pointer in pushing for those playoff places.

Here is my current squad, starting eleven and subs, in the screenshots shown I have Brewster in the team at CF, he regularly interchanges With Grabban, Brewster is in there to gain match experience and develop, he’s on loan from Liverpool, this is what Klopp would want for him.

teamsheetAs you can see, fatigue plays a much bigger part in this years game, in previous FIFAs, as in PES, players were largely able to run around for the full 90 mins and be fine, and be ready to go on full stamina for the next match, not so much this year.
Players do tire during matches, to the point of needing to be subbed, visible fatigue is evident with their touches, runs and shooting as well as passing. Squad management is a must.

Sat at the heart of that midfield is Bojan, signed pre-season from Stoke for £5.2 million.
He took a few games to find his feet but since has been superb, he is the creative heart of the team, most moves go through him and he chips in with a few goals too, already on 6 for the season, with as many assists.
His passing and vision is superb, so with the patient build-ups he’s able to put a foot on the ball and pick out that slicing pass, he also seems to be settling in well at the club.

Newsapaper Bojan 4th Oct 18I have also setup two youth scouts, and recommendations are filtering through, its tough to gauge just how good a youth player can be at 15 or 16 years old, as even the most advanced scouting report only gives a broad range for overall rating and potential, but with another of my objectives being to sign a youth player to a professional contract in each of the 4 positions (GK/Def/Mid/Att) I will have to take a punt,  and have just signed 16yr old attacking player, Jobson, to a deal.

The video below shows a good move start in midfield with Bojan, he’s also involved in the pass and move to build up the goal, then finally doing what he does best by getting behind the back four for the opportunity to score

This next video shows a great counter-attacking move to bag an equaliser away to Blackburn, I like the way the winger, Dias, steadies himself before planting it in the corner

Lastly, something you don’t see in PES, a good clean powerful header on goal


64 thoughts on “A Forest Bird Never Wants a Cage”

  1. Paul – I’ve just watched the Forest vs Derby highlights vid of yours on YouTube (apologies if you were saving it for Monday’s post – so many times my uploads were ‘busted’ by commenters that I now always make them Private until the day of the post).

    Your 2 minute Derby vid is the actual best showcase for FIFA19 I’ve yet seen.

    Still not tempted as I really am fully PES2019-ing it and we all know footy games don’t mix.


  2. …and my query is…I have been really disappointed by fifa’s free agents from 14 to 17, mainly because a lot of them are the same – Egyptian keepers, Indian strikers, South African defenders – basically no one you would ever actually sign, but affording players as say Carlisle or Lincoln is so hard (hence the ridiculous loaners we have all had – Yesil, maupay, even Emre Can in division two). Has this improved as I would always start as a lower team and the slog of wading through that dross would really put me off.


  3. There are still some quirky foreigners like Indians etc but there’s also ‘normal’ players in there too. Will have a proper look later and let you know the ratio


  4. Turf/Paul – it is mainly the same players as last year from those countries with the odd one from another country thrown in. It doesn’t bother me as I prefer to scout for players coming to the end of thier contracts anyway.


  5. Played 8 games and currently up to 5th after a mixed first few games. The game is harder this year on Pro. Good balance to the games and am still very impressed. Long and Evans have struck up a good partnership. Still not scored a header though as getting to them seems a bit tougher this year. I have turned the timed shot guidance off as my shooting seems better without it. Good tip Paul with the Broadcast angle left at the default. I played a game this morning against Sunderland and the game had a totally different feel, which matched the occasion of playing a big side.


  6. Great stuff Darryl. Are you Fleetwood ?
    On a dismal run of games and have slipped right down the table. I’ll do well to keep my job I reckon.


  7. Paul – yes I am Fleetwood. I have already decided my framework for this CM and that if I get a promotion then the difficulty will go up with top difficulty for Premership, not that it is likely to happen as I have never managed to do well on Top Player without balancing sliders. How are you finding the timed shooting?


  8. I rarely use timed shooting Darryl, as it’s only really useful for long range shots or volleys and headers.
    I don’t like the directional arrow guides on, and you can’t have the timed shooting gauge above the player without them, so have to manually guess the second press. Tried it a few times and once I pulled off a good shot that the keeper saved and the other I pressed way too early and the shot was skewed into row z.

    For anyone playing PES 5 on pc – a question.
    I tried to install it earlier but wouldn’t as it says you can’t install on 64bit windows ( I use windows 10) surely there must be a way around this? Any ideas ?


  9. Paul — nearly a year since I installed PES5 on my own 64-bit Windows 10 machine, but I vaguely remember you have to right-click the .exe and tick compatibility mode for Windows 7 or the like. It’s something like that. I just had a game on it coincidentally, and runs like butter in Windows 10.


  10. Paul – I’ve only ever installed PES5 from a DVD .iso on a virtual disc. Never even heard of installing via .bat, and I think I’ve come across every variant of installation on Windows. You had PES5 installed on a virtual machine a few years ago and I’m guessing that was some version of an .iso/.exe installation? Grab that file again if you can. I can’t get onto Pirate Bay but I bet the .iso file that’s been there for donkey’s years is still knocking around the torrent sites.


  11. I installed winning even 9. Which is PES 5.
    But it just runs from an exe. No install.
    Justbplayed a match. Now the exe ain’t load. Does nothing. Strange.


  12. EDIT: WE9 works fine, the windows 10 needed a restart as had done background updates.
    No commentary in-game though which feels odd.


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